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Explore Lake Travis Like Never Before:
Take a Dive From The Giant Stride!

  • Two-Tank charter dives
  • Instructional dives
  • Sunset and Night dives
  • Recreational or Technical dives

Lake Travis Scuba offers a look into the depths of Lake Travis, offering transportation to dive sites that shore-entry divers never get to see!

  • Starnes Island
  • Oasis Wall
  • Shaker Plant
  • Fiesta Haus
  • and more!

A Divemaster is on every charter to assist you topside and to guide you throughout the dive. No more hauling your gear to the water. Divers and their gear are shuttled from the parking lot to the boat and back to their car.

Want your air ready at the boat? Air tank rentals available during charters!

Schedule your visit! It's as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Check our schedule and reserve your excursion.
  2. Print and sign your pre-dive forms.
  3. Bring your certification card *, signed forms, and dive gear ** to Aquaholics Watercraft Rental/Dodd Street Marina and enjoy your excursion!

Scuba Certification and Training

Become a certified scuba diver or expand your dive training with one of our recreational and technical courses.

Scuba Shop

Visit our Scuba Shop for Pre-paid Diving, Gift Certificates and Souvenir T-shirts!

* Certification card not required for students completing Open Water certification course.

** Including your tanks and weights. We recommend each diver carry a line reel and surface marker buoy.