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Explore Lake Travis Like Never Before:
Take a Dive From Giant Stride!

  • Two-Tank charter dives
  • Instructional dives
  • Sunset and Night dives
  • Recreational or Technical dives

Lake Travis Scuba offers a look into the depths of Lake Travis, offering transportation to dive sites that shore-entry divers never get to see!

  • Starnes Island
  • Oasis Wall
  • Shaker Plant
  • Fiesta Haus
  • and more!

Want your air ready at the boat? Air tank rentals available during charters!

Schedule your visit! It's as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Check our schedule and reserve your excursion.
  2. Print and sign your pre-dive forms.
  3. Bring your certification card *, signed forms, and dive gear ** to Aquaholics Watercraft Rental/Dodd Street Marina and enjoy your excursion!

Scuba Certification and Training

Become a certified scuba diver or expand your dive training with one of our recreational and technical courses.

Scuba Shop

Visit our Scuba Shop for Pre-paid Diving, Gift Certificates and Souvenir T-shirts!

* Certification card not required for students completing Open Water certification course.

** We recommend each diver carry a line reel and surface marker buoy.