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COVID-19 Preparation Protocol

Due to COVID-19 the following amenities have been discontinued for the foreseeable future:

  • Communal cooler - Bring your own cooler and ice for your drinks and snacks
  • Bottled water - Bring your own water/drinks

Giant Stride Covid Preparation Protocol

To ensure that the Giant Stride is prepared to receive divers the following actions will be taken prior to allowing divers to board the vessel:

  • All surfaces will be cleaned/disinfected
  • All trash will be disposed of in onshore trash cans

COVID-19 Diving Safety Requirements

To ensure our divers remain safe and to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19 the following requirements are to be strictly followed while diving from the Giant Stride

  1. Face coverings, as recommended by the CDC are always to be worn when not:
    1. Kitting up to dive or;
    2. Removing kit after a dive.
  2. Dive preparation
    1. Maximum 4 divers to kit up at and enter the water at any one time. No mask required.
    2. All other divers to remain masked and off dive deck in the boat cabin.
  3. Returning to the boat after a dive
    1. Maximum 2 divers to remove kit once back onboard.
    2. Masks back on BEFORE the next divers can board.